So you're here...France, the land of great wine, good food and the most romantic of languages, right?

But, do you feel sometimes that you just don't 'get it' ? The language, the people, the culture, the whole French thing?

French for Expatriates
Dealing with day-to-day situations and work in France can be a real challenge. The simplest of tasks seem to take forever and everything is made even harder because of the language.

The frustration of not being able to communicate and  navigate your way through life in France can put a real dampener on how much pleasure you get from living here.

Having been an expatriate in various countries and now resident in Paris, my 'French for Expatriates' is designed to give you the tools you need to get beyond 'surviving' and get to really making the most of life in France.

Communicative - I've developed an approach to teaching French that aims to get you out there, speaking and using the language as quickly as possible.
Pedagogical - as a fluent French speaker who has learnt several other languages and after many years as a teacher of English as a Foreign Language, I understand the difficulties you face when learning French. Even more importantly, I understand where these difficulties arise from and how to overcome them.
Personalized - there is no 'one size fits all' way to learn French. Each of us has a different learning style and rhythm, so by understanding your individual learning approach and adapting the program accordingly, together we get maximum results.
Practical - what you really 'need' to do, say and understand in France. I analyze your individual needs be it for work, shopping, schooling, housing, medical...a real hands-on approach and for all levels,.
Cultural - married to a Frenchman for 20 years, resident in France for 10 years, experienced intercultural trainer and unabashed Francophile - I'll help you understand France,  the French and their way of doing things.
Interesting & Fun - seriously! We all learn best when we're enjoying ourselves. I won't minimize the fact that it takes time and a certain amount of dedication on your part  to learn French but I'll at least make it fun.
Recommended - my former and current clients,  are willing to be contacted should you wish to discuss their learning experiences with me.

Contacter : Helen Le Port